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Partner education

Partner Education

Not sure how to approach your partnership with Superforex? We have prepared several invaluable resources that hold the answers to building a successful business out of your partnership with us.

Partner's starter kit

SuperForex Booklet

The Partner’s Starter Kit holds all the answers you need. The following booklet has been carefully designed by the SuperForex Partner Relations department in order to help you on your way as partner. In the pages that follow you can learn about the essence of our Partnership Program - its structure, goals, and benefits. You will also find instructions and recommendations as to how to develop your business as an official partner of SuperForex. We have included a preview of our substantial collection of promotional materials that you can use to raise awareness about SuperForex. You can download and preview Starter Kit below.

For an abridged version of this knowledge, we have also prepared two separate detailed guides on how to approach online and offline promotion. We have devised these with great care to answer all of your questions regarding promoting SuperForex and your services as a partner everywhere. These are presented in a clear document format for maximum ease and can be viewed on multiple devices. To use them, simply download the file that relates to your chosen method of promotion.

Online Promotion

There are many articles, guides, and books about marketing and key methods of promotion. Many of them are free to use and available on the internet. It would, however, cost you a long time to study these materials and find useful information. Therefore, to make the development of your business easier for you, we have prepared this manual with the key methods of online promotion. It makes no difference which kind of our Partnership Program you choose (Introducing Broker, Advisor Seller, Investment Project, Trader Partner, Exchanger, FX Signal Provider, and so on), online promotion is a good way to attract the attention of traders to your service.

SuperForex Online

Offline Promotion

SuperForex Online

Despite the dominance of digital technologies in marketing, partners should not forget that offline promotion is still valid and can be crucial to the development of your business. Here there are also many things you need to know in order to carry out a successful campaign - from planning and organizing different types of events, to choosing and buying traditional offline advertising, and even the preparation and distribution of merchandise, to name a few methods. To help you get started we have organized our advice on approaching offline promotion in this short guide.