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Auto-Reset Balance Program | SuperForex

As part of our commitment to providing the best brokerage services on the market, we would like to introduce you to our new Auto Reset Balance program - an effective tool that will prevent you from suffering from a negative balance ever again.

SuperForex Forex Auto Reset Problem

The problem:

Most commonly if you make an unprofitable trade, it will eat away the money on your account. If you suffer especially sizeable losses, your balance may go beyond zero into the realm of negative numbers, plunging you into debt.

SuperForex Forex Auto Reset Solution

Our solution:

The SuperForex Auto Reset Balance program plays the role of a protective shield against a negative account balance. If you make a poor trading choice that would cause your balance to become negative, the Auto Reset Balance system will close your deals, anchoring your balance and your credit at 0. In this way you will not owe money to the broker. You will simply need to replenish your account if you wish to continue trading. This tool is automatic - you do not need to request it explicitly.

As the provider of this service, SuperForex reserves its right to cancel the negative balance on an account by using funds from one of the Customer’s other accounts to cover the difference, in accordance with clause 3.16.5 of the SuperForex Public Offer Agreement.